Energy-Efficient Horizontal and Vertical Blinds


Blinds provide insulation for your windows. They reduce the loss of heat in the winter and block out the heat of the sun in the summer. In fact, many of the Hunter Douglas products we carry have a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). Blinds with a lower SHGC prevent solar heat from passing through your windows and heating your home. 

You can block out light, as well as cut down on energy transfer with blinds. This will help keep ultraviolet (UV) rays from damaging your home's interior and your possessions.


Select Your Material

Hardwood, Faux Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl or Fabric

The type of blinds you get will depend on your window shape. Vertical blinds work best for windows that are wider than their height as they open and close by moving from side to side. Horizontal blinds move up and down and work best for windows that are taller than their width.

Sophisticated Plantation Shutters


Shutters are a fantastic way to enhance the design of your home, add privacy, and control the amount of light you let in. Shutters will give your home a classic look that is always in style.  Our shutters are made of premium hardwood, poly-satin or hybrid compounds, fine hardware, and long-lasting finishes.

Hardwood Shutters in Prescott.jpg

Each shutter is custom measured and cut to fit your space. As a result, custom shutters increase the value of your home.